Seattle MindCamp, I’ll be there. Will you?

Tonight Reid and I went out to our favorite Chinese Restaurant near Microsoft, Sichuanese Cuisine Restaurant. Of course, on the way out I grabbed a fortune cookie. Mine said:

You will enjoy doing something different this coming weekend.

Well, that certainly seemed very apropos because this weekend I'm attending Seattle MindCamp. My ticket showed up in the mail yesterday. So, on Saturday morning I'm going to wake up, take Jenny to work, go to the MindCamp Introductions at 10:00, go back to Microsoft campus for my last flag football game at 13:30, and then back to MindCamp until sometime Sunday. Fortune cookie or no, this should be an interesting weekend.

Thanks to RevFry for suggesting I should show up.

PS: I've picked up the "Deciphering the MSI Directory table" blog thread again and will post another entry tomorrow.

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  1. Rev_Fry says:

    I’m SO sorry I missed this. Argghh. Family can’t be ignored sometimes.

    Justin told me about your new features. I can’t wait to see it. I’m really looking into Click Once and it sounds like your plans are perfect.

    Sorry I missed it.


  2. No worries, Andrew. I’ve finally posted the information about ClickThrough here:

  3. Imagine a blog entry where I talk about my introduction to the space elevator.

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