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I'm behind on blogging but wanted to be one of the first to point out that the WiX toolset has a brand new web site: http://wix.sourceforge.net! Many thanks go out to Melody Fosmore (for the logo) and Fredrick Grohn (for all the web page design). Over the next few months, we'll be filling in more content.

I have one request for those of you linking to the WiX toolset today, please link to http://wix.sourceforge.net instead of http://wix.sourceforge.net/projects/wix. That's our new front door and we're going to be doing a lot of work to make it the place to get answers to all of your questions about the WiX toolset.

Comments (2)

  1. Steve Sugden says:

    Rob – why does the url http://wix.sourceforge.net redirect to http://sourceforge.net/projects/wix/ when view using Firefox?

  2. Uhh, I have no idea why the URL would still redirect. Is it possible that you need to clear out the Firefox cache so it will recognize there is a new index.html page (the old page was just a redirect)? As far as I can tell there is nothing but plain old HTML (and some CSS) in the new index.html.

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