WiX Toolset PDC "Birds Of A Feather" – Tonight 9:00 PM – Fundamentals Lounge "Big Room"

There have been a number of people that have expressed interest in the WiX toolset the last few days at PDC. I've met a few names that I recognize from the wix-users mailing list and put faces to names. That was very cool. Also very interesting, I've met a lot of new people interested in the WiX toolset that had never heard of it before attending the PDC and seeing the little logo I have up on the whiteboard or working through the Hands-On-Lab.

Anyway, since there seems to be enough interest, let's do an impromptu PDC BOF on the WiX toolset.


Thursday 2005.09.15 21:00 (nine at night, after Ask the Experts) - 0:00 (midnight)

Fundamentals Lounge in the Big Room

PS: "PDC Day 2" notes to follow later.

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