PDC 2005, Day 1 – Hurry up, wait, and talk… a lot.

Today started out at 6:30 AM with a quick shower and a short bus ride from the hotel to PDC. Then breakfast and a quick spin around the Fundamentals Lounge to make sure everything was still in place. It was. Shortly thereafter it was time to roll over to the big all and watch the BillG and JimAll keynotes. I'm not going to dig into the details for two reasons. First, Scoble is doing a better job linking to people doing a better job describing the keynotes that I'm going to be able to do tonight because... second, I'm pretty tired and don't want to write a ten page blog post right now.

What I want to talk about are all the people that came over to talk. As promised, I've set up camp in the Fundamentals Lounge. In fact, I drew a big red "WiX (Windows Installer XML) Toolset" on the whiteboard by one of the couches and sat down to code for a while. Nothing really happened until Raymond Chen came over and informed Robert, Reid and I that the WiX Hands-On-Lab was not working properly. Reid immediately ran over and I followed shortly after to help debug why things were not working. It turns out everything was fine (a shortcut was missing from the desktop) but there was some confusion around the way the directions were split across pages. Anyway, after the incident and lunch, I retired to the Fundamentals Lounge to work on some WiX code.

Not surprisingly, it wasn't until the PDC sessions were out that people started showing up in the lounge. A few people stopped by after finishing the WiX Hands-On-Lab saying, "This WiX thing is really cool, I'm going to have to see if it will work for my project." A few others like Jerry Dennany and Craig Boland who have been hanging out on the wix-users mailing list for a long while stopped by to just introduce themselves and say, "Hi". It was very cool to put faces to some names.

Throughout the night people would stop by and either say, "Just wanted to let you know that the WiX toolset just works." or "What is the WiX toolset?" To the former, I'd thank them and remind them that there is lots of work planned for the future. For the latter, I'd give the short version of why the WiX toolset exists. A lot of people stopped by and it was great to sit around and talk to each of them. I really dig hanging out with customers getting direct feedback on how things are going and what needs to improve.

The only problem is that I was having so much fun talking to people here that I totally forgot about the Mono meeting tonight. It was 9 PM before I knew it.

Anyway, I expect tomorrow will be much of the same but I'll still be here in the Fundamentals Lounge coding or talking to people about the WiX toolset. Feel free to swing by if you're in the area. I'd love to say, "Hi."

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  1. It was certainly good to meet you, and you certainly were a sympathetic listener when I went on and on about the woes of a modern day setup author.

    See you around…

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