PDC ’05, I’ll be there. Will you?

Well, it looks official. My features are in and my bugs are under control. I'm going to PDC '05!

No, I'm not a part of the Windows Installer presentation on the last day at the last hour of the PDC. No, there isn't a Birds of a Feather (BOF) session on the WiX toolset. No, I'm not dressing up like an Imperial Stormtrooper.

So what am I doing at PDC'05? Well, I am slated to be part of the Ask the Experts session on Thursday evening. I will also be hanging around, attending shows, and writing WiX code (probably in the "Bean Bag" or "Fundamentals" Lounge... whichever has the best atmosphere).

But the real reason I'm writing this blog entry is that I'm thinking about putting together some ad hoc meetings to talk about the WiX toolset or setup in general. If you're going to PDC and think that would be interesting then drop a comment below. For example, I was thinking it might be easy very easy to create an unscheduled WiX BOF session on Thursday evening after the Ask the Experts session.

I'll post more blog entries (even during the conference) if there are particular gatherings times/points that look fruitful.

Comments (7)

  1. Sounds cool – I don’t have any real topics that I’d like to discuss, unless you wanted to visit managed ca’s again!

    I’ll try to swing by to see what’s up, though.

  2. Dan Jagnow says:

    Sadly, I won’t be at PDC ’05. However, I am interested in knowing when the next release of the WiX toolset is expected. I’m itching to try XmlFile, but bug 1265941 – "Votive doesn’t install in VS" is keeping me from it. I’ve been tempted to download and build the source, but I’m trying to stick with versions of WiX/Votive that are packaged as an MSI so that it’s easy for other developers who want to make builds locally to get up and running.

  3. Kevin Miller says:

    Sounds like a fine idea. When I was at the PDC 03 these types of things were great places to put faces to names and but community. I would love to say I am going this time around but I got the OK after it sold out. Too sad. Everyone have a great time and if you have extra passes send me one 😀

  4. Great idea. I would, indeed, be interested. I’ll stay tuned to your blog for more information on this.

  5. Rev_Fry says:

    Do to the birth of our latest son I’ll not be going. =( But might I suggest you check out the Mono BOF.


    There are going to be some really interesting topics and presentations. Wish I could go. Also… you can pick up a nifty new T-Shirt.

    While it might be off the Install related topic and it might be considered heresy to mention Mono on a microsoft related blog… =) I’m sure it would be fun or at least interesting.

    Have fun at PDC no matter what you check out.


  6. Hans Hantson says:


    It’s my first visit to PDC and LA. (I’m located in Europe/Belgium). Can somebody give me some tips about things to visit in LA ? I have 1 day free !

    Thanks for any feedback.


  7. Imagine a blog entry where I talk about my first day at PDC.

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