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It is strange how information flows sometimes. An email with a link to Aaron Stebner's blog about this developer survey targeted at setup developers was just sent to the wix-users mailing list. If you are a setup developer (and I expect if you are reading my blog, you probably are) I highly recommend you go fill out the survey. I have no idea what affect the survey will have but the more people that fill it out the more likely it will have an impact.

Oh, and there is a question about halfway through that asks what tool you're using for setup. If you're using the WiX toolset, please click "Other:" and enter "WiX toolset". If enough people answer with WiX maybe next survey we'll actually be listed in the list with InstallShield, Wise, and Visual Studio. <grin/>

Comments (5)

  1. EricB says:

    Sorry Rob, I will have to take the fall for sending it to the list 🙂 I figured that there were a lot of "issues" that the WiX crowd were running into, and features that they needed/wanted, that they would be a good candidate for the survey.



  2. Duncan Bayne says:

    What’s up with that survey? It contained spelling errors ("InstallShiled" indeed!), and this little gem hidden away:

    "Installation of runtime should not require the user to be an admin"

    What the *hell*? I can’t begin to describe how much the idea of a runtime installable w/o admin privileges scares me.

  3. -o0O0o- says:

    Actually … the survey asks if you use Install Shiled

    Maybe WoX’ll be there next time

  4. Heh, I totally read right over the typo’s in there. That is pretty amusing.

    Duncan, why is installing the runtime via a non-admin user so scary? I can think of a few concerns but what are you particularly concerned about?

  5. Duncan Bayne says:

    Hi Rob,

    Provided the runtime, once installed by a non-admin user, can *only* ever assert non-admin privileges, that’s fine.

    What bothers me is the possibility of a non-admin user installing a runtime that can then assert admin / system privileges if running under a privileged account.

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