“Where’s the Localization?” or “Why is Rob always behind on his blog?”

In the Windows Installer chat two weeks ago, I promised I'd get a blog entry written up about localization using the WiX toolset and .wxl files this past Tuesday.  That obviously didn't happen.  There are two reasons for this.  First, as I was working through my example, I tripped across several bugs (such as this one) recently introduced into the toolset that broke many of the localization scenarios.  Second, while writing the blog entry I repeatedly had to go back and add background information about localizing MSI files.

So, I gave up at 3 AM that night (er, morning) and figured I'd pick up where I left off after work on Wednesday.  I should have known that was a bad idea because after Tuesday (the night I have scheduled a solid 6+ hour block for Windows Installer Xml toolset work) passed the week just vanished.  Thus I have some partial fixes for the localization bugs in the WiX toolset and I have a partial blog entry about how to use the toolset localization features (with the previously not-done fixes).  That's not particularly useful to anyone, so it's all sitting around until next Tuesday.

I guess I've found that I can answer questions on the wix-users list by getting up early in the morning (less sleep, but that's okay).  I just haven't found the time where I continue to advance the technical topics in this blog.  Maybe I should block off a 4 hour time slot in my week (maybe Monday night, if Jenny agrees) to write at least one technical blog entry per-week.  But, I'm open to other ideas.  If you read this blog regularly and have a suggestion feel free to leave it in the feedback below or send me a private comment.

On a positive note, my work in Longhorn is progressing extremely well (and fun!) even if it is sucking up all of my brain cycles.  That and I expect to fix most of the WiX toolset localization issues by Tuesday.  Then I'll get this localization conversation back on track.

In the meantime, keep coding, you know I am (and it feels good).

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  1. Louis Parks says:

    I’ve been reading you for about a year. If you blogged more often, I’d learn more from you. However, I’ve no right to make demands on a free service. My approach to blogging is I do it when I have time. As long as it is a hobby and not something you are paid for, I think that is the right approach to take. That said, the more content, the better. πŸ™‚

  2. Slava says:

    You could try writing each blog entry in several iterations, 30 minutes long almost each day. Then in a week you would have spent about 4 hours. Of course this approach implies it is easier to find half hour each day than 4 hours once a week. Or you could just write whenever you have time:) Blogging should be about having fun while writing it and turning it into another un-exciting routine task is just wrong… πŸ™‚

  3. What works for me is to write when you have time, but not before letting the thoughts percolate in your brain for a while. Say I have this 4,000+ word article I need to write, I’ll lay out the entire article in outline form in my head, think about it while in the shower, while in the car, etc., formulating examples, the flow of discussion, etc. When I have time to commit to writing, I write, starting from the beginning and going forward.

    If I run out of time, I stop. I let the thoughts continue to bounce around the noggin’, and next time I have time, I sit down and write some more. Repeat until finished.

    Now, this is the technique I take for articles. For blog entries, I just sit down and write them, which is possible because my average blog entry is, what, 500 words, maybe? Since you are wanting a longer, more in-depth piece, you might want to give my ol’ article-approach a try. Couldn’t hurt! πŸ™‚

  4. Louis,

    Thanks for the perspective. It amazes me to think that people have been reading this blog for a year. I didn’t even realize a year had passed until you mentioned it. In any case, thanks much.

  5. Slava,

    The problem is that it takes me about 30 minutes to settle into a writing mode. I’d never get anything done! <smile/> Seriously, though it takes me between 2 – 4 hours of writing for most technical blog entries of any consequence. I usually have to just sit down and write them or they never really get done.

    Thanks for the suggestion and reminder to keep it fun. Writing is fun for me. I just have to remember to make time for it.

  6. Imagine a blog entry where I introduce several localization concepts related to Windows Installer packages.

  7. Imagine a blog entry where I answer the question:

  8. Arunkumar Viswanathan says:

    Rob, your blogs are very good. It is great to read individual writing styles. My style is to sit down and write an initial draft. During the process you get a fair idea of what you need to expand on. So it’s kind of an iterative cycle. Start small and in every iteration add more details to an article. This method works well especially for technical articles as you can take your time in completing it. Once you are finished, you can always slice it into meaningful sections. So even though there is a time lag in completing the article, you have your entire idea on paper (or bits :))

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