Windows Template Library (WTL) has released as Open Source on

The Windows Template Library (WTL) appears to have finished propagating around the CVS servers, so I can finally post this blog entry.  Many people have pointed at my interview with O’Reilly’s where I noted that other employees in Microsoft have come to me looking for advice to releasing code.  Nenad was one of those employees and it looks like everything has finally worked out.

From what I understand WTL picks up where ATL leaves off and adds a bunch of useful things for doing GUI stuff on Windows in C++.  I don’t do GUI so I can’t talk much more about WTL but a search shows plenty of resources to get you started if you’re interested.

Anyway, now that WTL has been released under an Open Source license the community that has built up around the code will finally be able to contribute back (should they desire).  Is there more to come?  I don’t know (I hope so) but I can tell you people around here are definitely still watching WiX and WTL.

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  1. Mike Dunn says:


    If you’re proficient with GUI programming and want to start using WTL, check out my series of articles "WTL for MFC Programmers" starting here:


  2. personne says:

    Are there any enhencements since version 7.1 ?

  3. Imagine a blog entry where I take a Microsoft employee’s questions and turn them into a mock interview in a public forum (i.e. my blog).

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