It’s a bit after noon, do you know where your mother is?

I called my Mom this morning to wish her a happy Mother’s Day.  If you haven’t called your mom today, you only have a few more hours to make good.  Of course, I hadn’t talked to her for a couple weeks so we caught up.  She told me a funny story.

My parents live in Swiss Valley just outside of Dubuque, Iowa.  Their house happens to be in the flight path from Chicago O’Hare airport to DBQ.  They’ve grown accustomed to small jets flying over twice a day.  However, Friday one of the jets sounded so loud she was certain it going to land in the back yard.

Now my Dad works as a cook at a new hotel/restaurant in downtown Dubuque by the waterfront.  Apparently, they’ve been doing great business this summer.  But, Friday my Dad had an unexpected visitor.  President Bush was speaking at the convention center just across the street from the hotel.  Dubuque is pretty a little town so this was a huge deal.  Security was all over the place.  In fact, my Mom told me they used a bunch of school busses and John Deere equipment to block off access to the convention center.  But I digress.

For whatever reason, the President’s personal chef decided to hang out at the hotel’s restaurant during the speech.  So my Dad spent a bit of the afternoon talking to him.  I can just see my Dad preparing food and listening (he likes to listen more than talk) to the President’s chef talk about food and such.  I wish I could have been there.

Anyway, when my Dad got home he mentioned how the chef borrowed some cutlery from the restaurant then came back with a picture of the President.  Apparently, it’s going to get hung up somewhere in the restaurant.  My parent’s both laughed.

Of course, that really low flying jet my Mom heard was really Air Force One landing at DBQ.  All in all, Friday turned out to be a very exciting day in the little town of Dubuque, Iowa.

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