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This article from the front page of c|net's News.Com floated around the team today so I thought I'd stop and take a minute to link to a few other points of information about the stuff I actually get paid to work on at Microsoft.  By the way, that article seems pretty good as far as the few facts available about Whitehorse and what is on the deck to be released this year.  I also found the opinions and conjecture about the competition interesting.  I especially loved this part about Whitehorse:

Given the scope and complexity of the project--and the millions of developers it will affect--analysts said Whitehorse has the potential to revolutionize Windows software development--or to be remembered as a colossal flop. "Either the product will set new levels of quality for Microsoft or it will crash and burn," Murphy said.

That seems like it is overstating things a bit but I'm sure Scoble would say that kind of talk is what makes news sell.  Anyway, I don't actually work on Whitehorse (which is part of Visual Studio), but on one of the core teams of the Dynamic Systems Initiative (DSI) that is responsible for the System Definition Model (SDM).

Note: those last links point at the relatively new information centers that are part of the Windows Server System site and certainly beat the mostly content-free PressPass article that provided the only "official link to DSI" I had previously.  Finally, at the moment, I can't provide much more information about DSI/SDM than what is already posted on those sites and what I wrote one of my recent blog entries.

Update: I can't believe I forgot to link over to Keith Short's blog last night.  Keith is an architect on Whitehorse and has been in the model based tool business for longer than I've been alive (well, maybe not that long but pretty darn close).  Hopefully, he'll continue to find the time to keep blogging after his ski trip and provide more insight into the tools world.

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  1. Keith Short says:

    Thanks for making me feel old! I did mange to survice skiing though and am back at the blogging!

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