Back on the crystal meth… and oh so happy.

On Wednesday night over pizza and code, K mentioned that The Crystal Method had a new album out.  At first I didn't believe him.  How could I have missed that The Crystal Method had a new album?  However, low and behold K was correct. 

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  1. Jdonnici says:

    Totally agree… "Legion of Boom" is a much better album than "Tweekend" was. While there are a couple of songs on "Tweekend" that I enjoy, the presence of that abomination-of-a-song "Murder" right in the middle just kills me. Thank goodness for MP3 players and choosing just not to rip the songs that suck.

    Hopefully this won’t ruin you for Crystal Method, but I was shocked last year when my MOTHER (56 year old conservative woman who’s primary hobby is quilting) told me that she wanted to get "Vegas". She enjoys the show "Third Watch" on NBC and they use "Keep Hope Alive" for their theme (as well as others occasionally for chase scenes). So there’s "Vegas" sitting in the collection alongside John Fogerty, Celine Dion, and Shania Twain. Ugh.

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