Where now?

Time has really slipped by.  I just noticed in the calendar on my blog that I haven't posted for over two weeks.  I feel really bad about being missing in action for so long and will be taking actions in the coming week to remedy that state.  In particular, I'm going start by directly addressing a few questions that came up in the comments in my blog.  Namely:

1.  Jim Geurts asked for a detailed explanation about how a MSI file is structured and more importantly how to define custom tables in it.  This was a topic in my thought tree and seems like a great thing to talk about soon.

2.  "David" asked about ICE33 and how it relates to repackagers.  That simple request will probably turn into four blog entries:  how Internal Consitency Evaluators (ICEs) work, how ICEs got their name (fun story with a lot of history), why ICE33 can (and, in most cases, should) be ignored, and finally my opinions about repackagers.

3.  "Glen T" asked if it is possible to use Orca without having to run the MSI.  The answer is yes (see my comment to his ask), but I want to talk a bit more about the world of "unsupported".

Anyway, just wanted to write a quick entry to say, "Hi!  I'm still here."  My life in the "real world" has been interesting as of late and right when I thought it was all about to get back to normal (i.e. I spent most of my cycles in the "electronic world") new priorities have appeared.  So I'm being slow.

In any case, until next week, keep coding.  You know I am.

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