49 Free Windows Mobile 6+ Smartphone Apps and Services

Great list of  49 Free Windows Mobile 6+ Smartphone Apps and Services Via Specky boy Magazine, which is a site I visit from time to time, including: Browsers RSS and News readers Communication apps Media players Graphic Editors Office Utilities Social Media apps Winmo Google & Microsoft Apps Utilities Thought you might be interested. Rob…


Mobile Media Center from OABSoftware

This looks a rather nifty mobile application  from OABsoftware in the Netherlands Mobile Media Center that can turn your Windows Mobile device into a media center. Some Screen shots below but you can use your mobile phone to: listen to music watch pictures play videos and keep up with RSS feeds/podcasts/vodcasts.   Disclaimer time: This…


5 new Windows Help articles

Recently we have published 5 new Windows Help articles covering: Making your old programs work again about getting your old programs to work in Windows Vista Keeping your PC in tip-top shape covering all aspects of how to make sure your computer is up to date and what to do if it goes wrong Get…


Find your perfect partner – Announcing Microsoft Concierge in the UK

Remember the Gadget Guru that we brought you late last year, well we have fully updated it to not only show you the best range of laptops, netbooks and other devices but in a much more sophisticated and easier to use interface using Microsoft Silverlight We still give you a summary of the machine specs…


Want to become a Windows Brand Ambassador?

Do you fancy becoming one of 40 Windows Brand Ambassadors? Because Microsoft is looking for you to help share your experiences with Windows across the web.   ‘Create a photo, video or blog that showcases why you use a PC and / or should be a windows Brand Ambassador. the windows Social Media Team will…


Windows Mobile 6.5 Vs the Iphone

Really neat and objective video from pocketnow.com comparing the latest iphone and an early version of Windows Mobile 6.5   Windows Mobile takes it in the homescreen and the unlock screen but the iphone takes it for scrolling and accessing apps via icons. Far more objective than a previous posting on the subject Of course…


Are iPhones really progress?

http://media.onsugar.com/files/ons1/211/2110187/08_2009/9a8cc301362bde13_rock-phone.xxlarge.jpg Rob – awaits the flames Technorati Tags: iPhone,HTC Touch HD


What’s your phone style?

Not sure which windows mobile phone is right for you ? then try this latest web site http://www.whatsmyphonestyle.com from Windows Mobile. When I went through the site it said my style was ‘I’m always in control  on a good day, success means a leisurely game of tennis or lazing at the swimming pool.  At other…


Windows 3.1 on your mobile phone

Ok so all the talk is about Windows 7 and Windows Phone and other latest and greatest technology bla bla bla But if you are looking for a bit of nostalgia mixed in with your current phone (if it is a Nokia N95) then check this out ‘If these screenshots are to be believed, then…


Using Windows Live in India

Following up on Juju’s adventures in France it would appear that he has a cousin in India   Thanks to Eileen Brown for the tip Rob Technorati Tags: Windows Mobile