Fix Weak TV Signal message in Windows 7 Media Center (KB2708283)

If you are seeing a weak signal message like the one below (erroneously) in Windows 7 Media Center then you can fix it automatically with the following Microsoft Fixit “The TV tuner is unable to receive the signal for the channel you have selected. Adjustment to the signal may be necessary to receive this channel…


My top 10 blog posts of 2011

So the top 10 blog posts (by views) of 2011 out of the 320 posted last year where… Download Microsoft Safety Scanner for FREE Latest free Windows 7 Themes to download: Beautiful Birds and Echoes of the past Showing SkyDrive storage in Windows Explorer Brian Badonde–Bing and the art of technology How to Video Chat…


20 Essential PC Shortcuts

Which keyboard shortcuts do you use and are they in our 20 essential PC shortcuts Copy a selected item: Ctrl+C Cut a selected item: Ctrl+X Paste a selected item: Ctrl+V Undo an action: Ctrl+Z Redo that thing I just undid: Ctrl+Y Select everything: Ctrl+A Print: Ctrl+P Switch between open windows Alt+Tab Clear away everything and…


You cannot use interactive TV functions in Windows Media Center in Windows 7 (KB2546868)

If you are getting problems using the interactive TV functions in Windows Media Center then we have a hotfix for that (KB2546868) “Assume that you use Windows Media Center to watch interactive TV on a Windows 7-based computer. You input a correct password in Windows Media Center. In this situation, the mouse pointer and the…


Fix problems with your CD or DVD drive if it cannot read or write to the disc

Using the is Microsoft Fixit: Your CD or DVD drive can’t read or write media “Automatically diagnose and repair problems with your CD or DVD drive when trying to read or burn media” It fixes problems such as Your CD or DVD Drive does not read or write and is shown as disabled The media…


4 simple steps to set up your Windows Media Center

Get started with Windows Media Center Learn how to make the most of Windows Media Center. Learn how to turn your PC into a TV Watch and record live TV from Windows Media Center. Make your home network ready for media streaming Turn your PC into a home entertainment hub with Windows Media Center. Set…


Brochure on Microsoft Tools that Help Keep Families Safer Online

“When it comes to children’s safety online, there’s no substitute for parental supervision and guidance. Microsoft family safety tools can help you keep track of and talk with kids and teens about what they are seeing, hearing, and doing online. They enable you to give kids some independence but still watch over their computer activities….


Having problems watching Netflix on Windows Media Center after installing IE9 RC?

Then check out this new KB article (KB2512239) Netflix in Windows 7 Media Center may encounter an error when it initiating video playback after you install Internet Explorer 9 RC “After you install Windows Internet Explorer 9 Release Candidate (RC) on a computer that is running Windows 7, the Netflix application in Windows Media Center…


3 reasons to buy Windows 7 Ultimate

Why Buy Windows & Ultimate? “Windows 7 Ultimate was designed for people who want it all: performance, flexibility, and fun. You get all the features that come with other editions of Windows 7 and then some.“ Well 3 mian reasons above and beyond what comes with Windows 7 Professional It has everything in it, including…


Meteor – Land Dolphin’s WP7 Media Center Remote Control

Remember the video from back in May about controlling Windows Media Cenrer from a Windows Phone well here is an even more impressive demo from Land Dolphin   Enter video caption here   Again thanks to my colleague Abid for the link Rob Technorati Tags: WMC,WP7,Meteor,Land Dolphin