Fix common errors with OneDrive

If you are having any of the problems below with OneDrive then it may be worthwhile giving the OneDrive Troubleshooter a go… OneDrive doesn’t appear in the left pane in File Explorer. Even though you’re connected to the Internet, you can’t connect to OneDrive. Some of your OneDrive files or folders are missing on your…


Download the Windows Driver Kit (WDK) 8.1

Windows Driver Kit (WDK) 8.1 “The Windows Driver Kit (WDK) 8.1 is a collection of tools you can use to build, test, debug, and deploy drivers for Windows 8.1. “ And you can download at Download the Windows Driver Kit (WDK) 8.1 Rob Technorati Tags: Windows 8.1,drivers


Get help for the Windows 8.1 Camera app Webcams

Also cover Webcams in general Camera app and webcams help covering: Opening the Camera app Taking a photo or video About panoramas Getting the best shot with photo loop Changing settings, like the flash or timer Switching to a different camera Cropping to zoom in Changing what happens when you tap the screen Automatically saving…


Top 10 Best of Bing 2013 theme for Windows

Towards the back end of last year I mentioned the Bing Homepages of 2013 – Wallpaper & Screensaver Pack, well now you can get the same but in a Windows theme pack.. Best of Bing 2013 theme “Bing users can traverse the planet, viewing manmade wonders and natural curiosities one day at a time, one…


Windows 8.1 Update resources and content

Following on from last weeks announcements about the Windows 8.1 Update, it is now available and you should get it automatically so look out for the updates coming to your machine.  However we do have some updated content that you might find useful… Installing the latest Windows 8.1 Update What’s new in Windows 8.1 Update…


Download 4 Windows 8.1 Update how-to videos for business users

Windows 8.1 Update how-to videos for business users “A series of short videos designed for business users to learn about basic Windows 8.1 features and capabilities via guided, step-by-step instruction. These videos can be used as self-learning tools for users and facilitate Windows 8.1 adoption. “ The download includes 4 videos: Welcome To Windows The…


Download the GTGraphics 3 theme for Windows

I really liked the previous 2 themes by GTGraphics ( Space theme and GTGraphics 2) and their latest theme is a good one as well GTGraphics 3 theme “GTGraphics introduces a fantastical element in their third free Windows theme, combining medieval cityscapes and gleaming white castles with their trademark illustrations of futuristic spacescapes and alien…


Windows 8.1 Touch and pen settings: FAQ

Touch and pen settings: FAQ Covering How do I check if my PC has a touch screen? How do I calibrate my pen and touch settings? What do I do if I have calibrated my pen and touch settings and now can’t open the charms any more? How do I get my touch input to…


Fire theme for Windows by Marc Schroeder

Fire theme Whether smoldering embers or dancing flames, photographer Marc Schroeder captures fire’s brilliance in the vibrant red, orange, and gold motif of this free Windows theme. Download Fire theme for Windows by Marc Schroeder Rob PS don’t forget all themes work in Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows RT and Windows 8.1 Technorati Tags: Themes,fire,Marc…


Download the Windows 8.1 Update Power User Guide

Windows 8.1 Update Power User Guide for Business “This 20 pages brochure-type guide is designed for end-users who want to learn more about the advanced features of Windows 8.1, such as Taskbar customization, Task Manager, Internet Explorer 11, Mobility Center, Windows To Go, Miracast, OneDrive for Business, and File Explorer. Power users will enjoy learning…