xBox One Holden Bathurst 500 racer

Spotted this video last week on  Now being a petrol head myself I have always fancied going to watch the Bathurst 500 races, and it would be great to see this Xbox One liveried Holden taking to the track (waiting for the flames from the Ford fans) one day… Rob Technorati Tags: XboxOne,Xbox1,Holden,bathurst500


O/T–Garmin Forerunner 110 blank screen – fix

So last night I was out running and as normal tracked my activity with my Garmin Forerunner 110, which has been great and reliable since i bought it back in December… Well after the run, as usual I  wanted to check the route and details of the run, so I plugged the watch into the…

OT–Lotus F1 car in Microsoft UK Headquarters

As you may know Microsoft Dynamics sponsors the Lotus F1 team , well wandering down through our reception i spotted this Lotus F1 car VIEW SLIDE SHOW DOWNLOAD ALL   now being a bit of a car geek i actually think it might be  a 2010 model but all re-liveried up… Rob Technorati Tags: Lotus,Microsoft…

bing buns

Not had a cake related post for some time so here is a picture of a table top full of bing buns Don’t think it will be making the bing homepage image any time soon Rob Technorati Tags: bing,cake,buns

Happy 10th birthday Xbox

So lets celebrate with a bun Maybe I should start a new blog category for food related Microsoft post to go with a previous post Windows Phone bun Rob Technorati Tags: xbox,cake

Watch a live build of a Ford GT40 replica

Staying on the Forza Motorsport 4 theme from earlier is this webcam of a live build of a Tornado GT40 replica at the Westfield Shopping center Very cool for all the car geeks Rob Technorati Tags: Forza 4,Xbox,GT40,Tornado,livecam

Soak, Dye in lift, a very cool Kinect hack

Not seen any real cool Kinect hacks for a while (maybe I have not been looking in the right places) but this one falls into the cool category IMO SOAK from on Vimeo.   “”Soak, Dye in light.” by everyware (2011) is an empty canvas but when you touch it, its elastic surface stretches…

Geek Beta

I don’t usually do non work stuff on here but couldn’t resist these shots of youngest (9 months) wearing his Geek Beta t-shirt I bought for him in the company store on my last visit to Redmond… Rob Technorati Tags: Microsoft,Geek Beta,Microsoft Company Store

My Blackberry is not working

If you are in the UK you might have already seen this wonderful comic sketch   Rob Technorati Tags: The One Ronnie,Ronnie Corbett,Harry Enfield,Blackberry,apple,orange,xbox