Microsoft TVP Campus Panorama Photosynth captured on Windows Phone

As Photosynth has just been released for Windows Phone I thought I would head outside and take a quick panorama of the Microsoft UK headquarters at Thames Valley Park. Click on the above picture to dive into the image on I must say it was very easy to do and even easier than my…


Snow in the UK Photosynths

I have mentioned Photsynth in the past and wanted to share WinliveMatts links to various Photosynths of the current snowy UK weather. The ones of Primrose hill are very good and captures the conditions wonderfully If you have nay other Photosynths of the current Snowy weather let me know Rob Technorati Tags: photosynth,#uksnow


St Pauls Cathedral - Photosynth

Celebrating the 300th anniversary of St Paul’s Cathedral, it is really worth checking out over on Learn more about Photosynth and St Paul’s Cathedral Rob Technorati Tags: St Paul’s Cathedral, Photosynth