Download the SkyDrive Pro client for Windows in 40 languages

  SkyDrive Pro client for Windows “The standalone SkyDrive Pro sync client allows users of SharePoint 2013 and SharePoint Online in Office 365 to sync their personal SkyDrive Pro and any SharePoint 2013 or Office 365 team site document libraries to their local machine for access to important content on and offline. The SkyDrive Pro…


Using OneNote on a Windows 8 Touch Device

Although a few months old still a great demo from the Office Team of using OneNote on a Windows 8 Touch Device Learn more about Touch on Windows 8 Rob Technorati Tags: Windows 8,OneNote


How SkyDrive works with Office

Watch this great Webinar from the office team about How SkyDrive works with Office “Store any file on your SkyDrive and it’s automatically available on your PCs, Macs, and mobile devices. In this week’s webinar, we’ll show you how to work and share with 7GB of free storage in your own private cloud.” Learn more…


Download Office 365 Accessibility Fact Sheet

Last week I pointed out the Windows 8 Accessibility Tutorial Guide and also on the accessibility theme I wanted to let you know about the Office 365 Accessibility Fact Sheet… which is a handy 2 pager on this topic Learn more about  Accessibility in Office 365 Rob Technorati Tags: Office365,accessibility


Always open Excel files in separate windows in Windows 7

Want to always open excel files in different Windows? , then try the following Microsoft Fixit Microsoft Fixit 50801 Read the full KB article KB2636670 which includes instructions on how to do this manually Rob PS “We recommend that you only use the method in this article when your computer has sufficient RAM.” Technorati Tags:…


Handy free MDI to TIFF converter tool

Just spotted this useful command line tool that… “…allows you to convert one or more MDI files to TIFF. MDI is a proprietary file format of MODI (Microsoft Office Document Imaging)…” Download the Microsoft MDI to TIFF converter tool Rob Technorati Tags: MDI,Office,TIFF,free,download


Microsoft Top 7 Accessibility Tips (Video)

I spotted this great video on the Microsoft Accessibility blog, which seems to have had a new lease of life recently. “Learn about the Top 7 accessibility tips in products like Windows 7, Office 2010 and Internet Explorer.” Learn more about accessibility in Windows Rob Technorati Tags: accessibility,Windows 7,Internet Explorer,Office


Students : 5 ways SkyDrive and Office Web Apps can help you

SkyDrive for students  Learn how to get started, and more importantly (for free!!) what to do if you are converting from  using Google Docs Rob Technorati Tags: students,skydrive,office web apps,google docs,OWA


8 handy tips for working on the go with Windows and Windows Live

Read our 8 tips for working on the go with Windows and Windows Live that covers Use Windows Live Mesh to sync your laptop and desktop so you have the same files, web favourites and programs on both Use Windows live SkyDrive to access your documents and photos on any PC anywhere in the world…