Download Maren Speller, high accuracy Arabic spell-checker tool for Windows 8

Maren Speller   “No more Arabic spelling mistakes! Most of the Arabic content has a high rate of spelling mistakes. Around 95% of these mistakes are common Arabic mistakes like confusion between the different types of “Hamza” and the “Haa” and “Taa marboota”. Other mistakes include collated words, wrong character insertion, swapping, deletion, repetition and…


Update for Kinect for Windows Language Packs v11.0

Back in may I mentioned the Kinect for Windows Language Packs, well looks they have been updated to version V11.0 overnight* “Kinect for Windows language packs are add-ins for the Kinect for Windows Runtime that enable speech recognition for the way a language is spoken in different locales.” available in 12 different languages/accents Rob *Note:…


Multilingual App Toolkit for Window 8 (11 supported languages) available

Spotted this post by Palle on the Microsoft Language Portal Blog Localizing your Windows 8 app: Multilingual App Toolkit released describing the Multilingual App Toolkit for Visual Studio 2012 “This extension for Visual Studio 2012 helps you localize your Windows app with translation support, translation file management, and editor tools” It comes in the following…


Interesting article from the BBC on language and content in India

As part of my role in Microsoft I have some responsibilities and discussion with our teams in India, and just read this really interesting article by Shilpa Kannan from the BBC. Is language the key to hooking India on the web? In it she raises some really interesting facts and insights.. “With over 30 major…


Download Kinect for Windows Language Packs

I have briefly mentioned in the past Kinect for Windows, well now with the release of Kinect for Windows 1.5 there are some additional language packs that you can download that “…are add-ins for the Kinect for Windows Runtime that enable speech recognition for the way a language is spoken in different locales” Including 4…


Translate English to Chinese with Bing Dictionary App for Windows Phone

Really useful app if you are looking for some English to Chinese translations Bing dictionary app “Bing Dictionary Windows Phone version is published by Microsoft. It supports Local/Online dictionary look up, particularly nice features like Smart Index, Search Suggestions and more. • Local/Online dictionary: Local dictionary contains 100,000 most-frequently-used English and Chinese words. Online dictionary…


‘Retweet’ enters the Concise Oxford English Dictionary

Did you know that yesterday the word ‘retweet’ entered the  Concise Oxford English Dictionary amongst other words. Woot! Retweet and sexting enter the dictionary (The Telegraph Online) Rob Technorati Tags: retweet,language,OED


Download Scottish Gaelic CLIP (Microsoft Captions Language Interface Pack )

Download Scottish Gaelic CLIP (Microsoft Captions Language Interface Pack ) “The Microsoft Captions Language Interface Pack (CLIP) is a simple language translation solution that uses tooltip captions to display results. Use CLIP as a language aid, to see translations in your own dialect, update results in your own native tongue or maybe use it as…


Want to give feedback on Windows translations?

ripped from Palle’s post on the Microsoft language Portal Blog “If you speak any of the 25 languages on the list below, the Windows localization team is looking for your feedback on the terminology used in Windows. To get started, click your language below and sign in with your Windows Live ID: Once you’ve signed…


Microsoft Support via Twitter in French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Japanese and Dutch

In my last blog I mentioned…. “…and  if you are on Twitter you can follow @MicrosoftHelps which provides English language support via Twitter.” Well since then I have been pointed to the fact that we have the equivalent support in other languages including: French = @MSVousAide German = @MicrosoftHilft. Spanish = @MicrosoftAyuda Portuguese = @MicrosoftAjuda…