Switched from Hotmail to Outlook.com and have a question? (FAQ)

then check out our handy FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) My Hotmail account was upgraded to Outlook.com (FAQ) covering Do I have to get a new email address? What about my existing email? Where are my contacts? Everything looks different. How do I use Outlook.com? Why can’t I switch back to Hotmail? Will Outlook.com work on…


Greymail inBoxer phone game available for Windows Phone, IPhone and Android

A while back I blogged about how to conquer greymail with Hotmail well now there is a fun little phone game available to download… “The new augmented reality gaming experience from Hotmail. Virtual emails are falling from the sky in the physical space all around you. Catch and sort as many emails as you can…


Conquer greymail with Hotmail (infographic)

Greymail is the ever-growing amount of newsletters, deals and updates that fill your inbox. Sometimes you love it, sometimes you hate it. Here’s how greymail happens. Hotmail has the tools to help you conquer greymail learn about the features in Hotmail that will help you Automate your inbox – scheduled cleanups, unsubscribe from unwanted newsletters,…


Updated Windows Live Hotmail web site

Just a quick post to highlight that we have an updated and shiny Hotmail web site and updated Hotmail Help Center which includes help and how –to articles for getting the most out of Hotmail Rob Technorati Tags: Hotmail


8 handy tips for working on the go with Windows and Windows Live

Read our 8 tips for working on the go with Windows and Windows Live that covers Use Windows Live Mesh to sync your laptop and desktop so you have the same files, web favourites and programs on both Use Windows live SkyDrive to access your documents and photos on any PC anywhere in the world…


How to set up a distribution list in Windows Live Mail and Hotmail

In Windows Live Mail / Hotmail distribution lists (a group of email addresses that can be emailed at the same time) are setup and managed using Categories  and once you know that they are very simple to create and manage, here is how: Windows Live Mail 1. Open Windows Live Mail and go into your…


Sweep away post-holiday inbox clutter in Hotmail

There is nothing worse that coming back from holiday to find your Hotmail inbox full of email.But you can use the features built into Hotmail to help delete email quickly. 1. Use the inbuilt Sweep feature that allows you to simply delete all email from a certain sender 2. Use the inbuilt filters to see…


Fancy getting Hotmail on your iPhone or Nokia phone?

then watch these 2 great videos from the UK Windows Live team Hotmail on your iPhone Hotmail on Nokia C6, C7, E7 and N8 Rob Technorati Tags: hotmail,Windows Live,Nokia,apple,iphone,C6,C7,E7 and N8