Want to develop for OneDrive?

OneDrive dev center

if yes then head over to the new OneDrive DevCenter where you can learn all about how to develop for OneDrive no matter what platform you are looking at Windows, Windows Phone, iOS, or Android platforms.

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“…provides a set of controls and APIs that enable apps to integrate single sign-on using Microsoft accounts, and to access data in OneDrive and Outlook.com.


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  1. Patrick Neborg says:

    Thank you Rob. There is a course on pluralsight that shows a few developed solutions utilizing OneDrive (albeit the course was completed when this was called skydrive).


  2. OneDrive,Windows,Windows Phone,iOS,Android says:

    Not all requirements are for personal use. Microsoft ought to think of this new service for Personal use but also for Small and Medium businesses. FTP might be a bit out-of-date but SFTP (the secured child) is more likely to be used by businesses.

    Mark Simon

  3. robmar says:

    Patrick – probably best to update test to OneDrive as well

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