OneDrive desktop app for Windows: FAQ

OneDrive desktop app for Windows: FAQ  covering:

  • What does the OneDrive folder do?
  • How can I add and remove PCs from OneDrive?
  • Do I have to install the OneDrive app on all my computers (PC and Mac)?
  • I get the error message "OneDrive can’t be run using full administrator rights. Please restart OneDrive without administrator rights." What should I do?
  • Can I choose other folders besides the OneDrive folder to sync too?
  • Can I change the name or location of my OneDrive folder after it’s created?
  • Can I choose folders in my OneDrive that I don’t want to sync on my PC?
  • Can I change the account I use with OneDrive?
  • Can I recover files or folders I deleted?
  • How do I uninstall the OneDrive app?

OneDrive desktop app for Windows: FAQ 

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Comments (1)

  1. Marie Bernard says:

    Specification : W7 and OneDrive account folder not shared. OneDrive creates a second Favorites folder. Very annoying. I found the option to add one folder to browser. But,  I can't figure out how to update one or the other while navigating In Internet explorer 11.


    always having to manually update and double check and links themselve breake !!!!!!!