Caterham r500 now available for Forza 5 users

For those that know I am a Caterham owner which I compete in UK hillclimbs and sprints  and I think I have got a killer reason to upgrade to an Xbox One because the January IGN car pack includes a Caterham R500…

Caterham r500 in Forza 5

“When the cars you built for racing become banned from racing and breed franchise slogans such as "Caterham Seven, the Car That's Too Fast to Race..." you know you’re doing something right. The Caterham Superlight is the latest masterwork created by one of the patriarchs of racing design, Colin Chapman. The basic design of Superlight R500 are the bones of the Lotus 7 which has existed in a mostly unaltered form for more than 50 years. Sure, there have been evolutions in materials, tweaks to dimensions, and the old live-axle rear suspension has long been replaced by a De Dion rear axle. At its heart, however, this is the same car that proved itself unfairly advantageous to race other cars. Caterham purchased the rights to the Lotus 7 in 1973 and has since been “simplifying and adding lightness” as Chapman prophesized so long ago. The Superlight R500 represents a weapons-grade thrill car that can deliver breathtaking performance anywhere it’s required. There are few cars in the world that can match its 0-60 times (at sub-3 seconds) and even fewer that can also proffer its lap times that are otherwise only achievable in a purpose-built race car.”


Watch the full trailer for the pack…

thanks to some keen eyes on blatchat for the tip


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