Sky Dynamic theme now available for Windows

Sky Dynamic theme

“Dramatic, expansive, ominous before rain, or bathed in the red glow of dawn: The sky that stretches over every village and city under the sun is as multifaceted as the earth it shelters. The images on this page are just a sample of what you’ll get with this free Sky theme for Windows. New images are delivered automatically through an RSS feed”

sky dynamic theme 1sky dynamic theme 2sky dynamic theme 3sky dynamic theme 4

Dynamic themes automatically add new backgrounds to your desktop through an RSS feed (choose Download Attachments when the Subscribe to RSS Feed? message appears).

subscribe to RSS theme

make sure you select the Download Attachments option

See more RSS/Dynamic themes for Windows


PS don’t forget all Windows themes work on Windows 7, Windows 8 , Windows 8.1 and Windows RT as well

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