How to use Windows Start-up Settings including safe mode in Windows 8

If for what ever reason you need to get into the Windows Start-up Settings, including safe mode in Windows 8 – (this used to be advance boot options)  then try these options:


#1 – “If you're not signed in to Windows, tap or click the power icon Power icon from the sign-in screen, hold Shift, then tap or click Restart

#2 – Head into your PC settings to find Advanced start-up  (Detailed instructions on how to)

Advanced start up options in Windows 8

Once into Advanced start-up you can do things such as start in:

  • Debugging mode
  • Enable boot logging
  • Enable low-resolution video
  • Safe Mode
  • Safe mode with networking
  • Safe mode with Command Prompt
  • Disable driver signature enforcement 
  • Disable early launch anti-malware protection 
  • Disable automatic restart after failure
  • Directory Services Restore Mode 

Read more about each option at Windows Start-up Settings (including safe mode)

do note however that  If you're using BitLocker on a tablet or Windows RT device, you'll need to suspend BitLocker before you can get to Windows Start-up Settings.


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