Get help for common Windows 8 Activation errors

If you are having problems activating Windows 8 then try our guide Get help with activation errors that covers some of the most common problems and provides you with some solutions to fix:

  • Unable to activate Windows 8 Pro with Media Center. (Error code: 0xC004C4AA)

  • Genuine Validation detected tampered Windows binaries. (Error code 0xC004C4AE)

  • A networking problem has occurred while activating your copy of Windows. (Error code 0xC004FC03)

  • The activation server reported that the Multiple Activation Key has exceeded its limit. (Error code 0xC004C020)

  • DNS name does not exist. (Error code 0x8007232B)

  • The filename, directory name, or volume label syntax is incorrect. (Error code 0x8007007B)

  • A security error occurred. (Error code 0x80072F8F)

  • Unspecified error. (Error code 0x80004005)

Read more at : Get help with activation errors 

This also applies to Windows RT


Comments (2)

  1. Robert Fisher says:

    I changed Computer Motherboard and it says I have few days (2 or 3) to activate.  I have been moving my legal copy of Windows Vista from computer to computer about 4 times.  I just replaced the motherboard to the model of intel MB and it wants me to activate again.  I am an older senior (81)and I don't need this hassel while trying to upgrade my Sister-in-Laws computer.  I finally found a person who likes Win Vista better than any OS.

    Is their anything I can do?  What is a good call in activation telephone number?  Thanks for your help!  Robert Fisher

  2. robmar says:

    Robert – can you email me direct at

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