Bing News App for Windows 8 (FAQ)

I am a regular user of the Bing News App across all my various Windows 8 / Windows RT devices

bing news app

and we have a handy FAQ for this app, that covers:

  • Do other news related tasks
  • Explore top news stories
  • Using My News to track news that's important to you
  • Removing My News  sections
  • How to receive alerts for top stories
  • View news from other countries and languages

Bing News App Frequently Asked Questions

We also have FAQ’s for other Bing apps:

Finance, Weather, Maps, Sports & Travel


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Comments (2)

  1. Ak says:

    The app is useful, but is there a way to turn off the alerts? I find that a bit annoying/distracting.

  2. Ak says:

    Please feel free to ignore previous question. Just found it:…/windows-8-how-to-turn-off-on-app-notifications

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