First look at Windows 8.1 (Video)

“Jensen Harris from the Windows Team shows some highlights of what to expect in Windows 8.1 coming later this year as a free update for Windows 8 customers.

Being a member of the Windows Team I have been using early versions of Windows 8.1 for a while and it is great to be able to share some of the new stuff via Jensens video.


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Comments (7)

  1. Larry says:

    I see a start button! Also, liking the animated backgrounds and multitasking.

  2. David Hammett says:

    Definitely looking forward to Windows 8.1. Will be getting the Public Preview as soon as its available. Looking forward to all the new features that are coming!

  3. Winston says:

    Foremost, I want the start button and then you can show the other nonese. I want windows to work for me, not to engage  in iidle chatter


  4. Gizmo says:

    MS, you let me down again…

  5. Charles McLeod says:

    Sadly I cannot agree bought a stunning Samsung super thin laptop from John Lewis in London

    but had to return it as windows 8 was impossible to use . Back to my old machine with vista not ideal  !

    It's like hotmail to outlook the old hotmail service was faster and the calendar much better …some things are best left alone

  6. Pete says:

    Microsoft must have their heads in the sand.  More of the same.  "The customer experience?"  Gawd.  

  7. Frustrated01 says:

    Stuck!, 8.1 a damned curse, unusable! how do I get to back to a Windows XP like UIr

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