Skype with family and friends in FAQ

You may have seen the recent announcements that you can now Skype directly from inside Outlook.  And we have a handy FAQ that covers all the common questions you may have about that topic (hopefully)

Skype with family and friends in

  • How can I verify that the Skype messaging service is available to me?
  • I merged my Skype and Microsoft accounts, but I’m still not connected to Skype. What should I do?
  • Can I connect to Skype through People, Calendar or SkyDrive?
  • How do I start messaging with a Skype contact?
  • I have contacts that use multiple services. How do I tell that I want to use Skype?
  • I know a contact is available on Skype, but they don’t appear available in What can I do?
  • I have contacts that don’t use Skype. Can I invite those contacts to use Skype through
  • How do I start a video or voice call with a Skype contact?
  • When I click the Video or Call button, the Skype add-on doesn't start. What should I do?
  • Can my Skype contacts contact me via video, voice or chat through
  • A Skype contact is sending me abusive or offensive content. What do I do?

Skype with family and friends in


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