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Comments (4)

  1. Bob B says:

    I can't believe that anyone would consider this current version an improvement. I had used Hotmail for several years and never experienced the number of times that this version of Outlook locks up and requires shutting down and rebooting. When responding to an email the second time, None of the commands are available. When sending emails, Outlook seems to lock up and requires rebooting. I would believe that the problem may be Internet related but I can log out of MSN and go to Yahoo on the same connection and the email goes through.    

  2. Trevor Jones says:

    I regret its a huge step backwards, it is slower  and far less intuitive compared to previous versions, please can i have my old hotmail back.

  3. Trevor Jones says:

    Yet another spell sat watching 5 dots scroll across the top of the page, while all other sites are responding.

    I do love an upgrade, but not this one!

  4. wasiim Hosenbocus says:

    Mauritius mobile number just changed from 7 digit number to 8 digit. When will outlook accommodate this change for verification?

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