Toyota Racing Development Windows 8 Enterprise and the Surface tablet Casestudy and video

Read the case study  - Toyota Racing Development Auto Company Develops Winning Race Strategies with Trackside Mobile Application

Toyota Racing Development (TRD) is using Windows 8 Enterprise and the Surface tablet as the centerpiece of a new trackside strategy to win races. When drivers asked for a mobile computing platform, TRD reimagined its racing software to run as a touch-enabled application on Windows 8. During practice, drivers and crew chiefs quickly tap in racing and performance data to speed up trackside tuning and share information to develop winning race strategies.”


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  1. I think that's what they did, Trek, because seriously I don't think NASCAR is really interested about tablets and OS. Susan puts it correctly: "When I think of NASCAR, the first thing to spring to mind is not rapid data analysis or tablet computing." But if it works for them, then it only means that Windows 8 is one flexible OS and can be easily customized to suit the needs of the enterprise or the industry. That's a major selling point for them. Besides, even with the growth of tablets and mobile devices, there are still a lot who are using desktop, and they dominate that area.

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