O/T–Garmin Forerunner 110 blank screen – fix

So last night I was out running and as normal tracked my activity with my Garmin Forerunner 110, which has been great and reliable since i bought it back in December…

Well after the run, as usual I  wanted to check the route and details of the run, so I plugged the watch into the PC via the USB cable/connector.  For about 2 seconds some sort of error message showed up on the watch and then the screen went blank.  No amount of fiddling with the cables seemed to make any difference, the often stated ‘hold the light button for 6* seconds   reset trick  made no difference.  So after a lot of research and a feeling growing that it was toast, I stumbled upon a post that had suggested what Garmin Support suggest…

Connect the watch to the charger (preferably the wall instead of USB)”  (my highlight)

So I dug up the wall charger, which I had used only prior to do the initial charge, and hey presto the watch came back to life.  My run data was still there, and all looked ok.  So fingers crossed for my next run and hopefully it was a one of glitch.

If there are any runners who would like to, you can connect with me on…

Garmin connect  


* a trawl of the internet seems to suggest 6s, although other numbers such as 15s and 20s are out there, whatever even holding the light button for 60s failed to reset the watc

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