Top 10 most highly rated Windows 8 articles of 2012

In a slight twist to last years Top 10 most highly rated Windows articles of 2011 this year I am just looking at Windows 8 articles…

And the top ten:

  1. How to remove the Windows.old folder
  2. How do I shut down (turn off) my PC?
  3. How can I sign in if my picture password fails?
  4. What is PAE, NX, and SSE2 and why does my PC need to support them to run Windows 8?
  5. Boot from the media you created to install on another partition (in Windows 8)
  6. Searching for files in File Explorer
  7. How do I close an app?
  8. Metered Internet connections: Frequently asked questions
  9. Organize your Photos
  10. Mouse and keyboard: What's new in Windows 8


* this is data  for the UK across

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  1. D Rockell says:

    I have a laptop pre-loaded with Windows 8 after being told that it would still be able to run all my old software – However most of my old software (Mostly Windows XP or Win 7) will not run and gives the error – unable to be run in comparability mod and none of the manufactures can help.

    Not only that but Windows 8 is slow and very awkward to use – just powering down is difficult and every app keeps running even when it is closed requiring  the use of the Task Manager to shut them to free up memory (and that with a Laptop that has 10 Gb of memory)

    We have taken the manufactures advice about the installation procedure need to Upgrade to Windows 7 (I refuse point blank to call it a downgrade because its not) but the installation always shuts off when the Windows 8 automatic OEM backup kicks in killing the setup

    In all when will Microsoft be bringing out an app that will allow the reformatting of the hard drive so that a proper operating system can be installed or Bring out a proper Upgrade that will run older software

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