My Windows Store Apps #2–Advanced English Dictionary

Following on from a previous post (back in November) and number #2 in the series of My Windows Store Apps*  I wanted to share another useful Windows Store App.

*****Disclaimer up front…”I am in no way connected to the developer, have no vested interest in the app (except being a happy customer/user) and am making no gain whatsoever by this posting, neither have I been asked to promote the app by anybody*****

Advanced English Dictionary app for Windows 8

Advanced English Dictionary by Cosmos Chong

Often I have a need to check a spelling definition of a word as part of content reviews.  Normally I would just use a simple online search, but today I thought I would see if there was any great Windows Store dictionary app that would be up to the job.  After a quick search I plumped for  Advanced English Dictionary based on its good reviews and features:

Screen shot of Advanced English Dictionary

I really liked its simplicity of design as well as its accuracy, plus it is free.

Contrary to some of the reviews, search is integrated with the Search Charm (Maybe it was a feature added later) and works very well, and there are some other nice touches such as a live tile showing last few searched words and how it works in snapped mode.  Definitely an app I will use on a regular basis.

Download the Advanced English Dictionary app for Windows 8.


* of course I have download and used more than these apps I am just highlighting some of my favourites …

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