My Windows Store Apps #1 – World Time Clock

I am planning to post up quick reviews when ever I see interesting Windows Store apps and thought I would start with one that I saw tweeted earlier today via Richard (@WinObs), thanks for the tip.

*****Disclaimer up front…”I am in no way connected to the developer, have no vested interest in the app (except being a happy customer/user) and am making no gain whatsoever by this posting, neither have I been asked to promote the app by anybody*****

So the first app I wanted to highlight is the World Time Clock by Reflected Sun

As part of my role I work regularly with Microsoft folks all over the planet in places as far apart as Toronto,  Mumbai and Sydney as well as of course Seattle, and all based from the UK.  So it can be quite confusing at times to remember all the different time zones, work hours and daylight savings patterns in all those locations. World Time Clock looks like  a great Windows Store app that shows me quickly what the current time is in each city right now, compared to my time in the UK, if it is day light as well as a very useful forward 24 hour view which should help immensely with planning calls.

World Time Clock App Screen shot

The World Time Clock is available for £1.79 in the Windows Sore (GB pricing) and there is a free 7 day trial so check it out.

Thanks to Richard again for the tip.


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  1. Where do you have sample code to download?

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