Always open Excel files in separate windows in Windows 7

Want to always open excel files in different Windows? , then try the following Microsoft Fixit

Microsoft Fixit 50801

Microsoft Fixit 50801

Read the full KB article KB2636670 which includes instructions on how to do this manually


PS “We recommend that you only use the method in this article when your computer has sufficient RAM.”

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Comments (5)

  1. Bob Spenceley says:

    The link to this Fix It is apparently broken.  

  2. Derick R says:

    Doesn't link anywhere good job…

  3. NG says:

    The link used to work, but has stopped working as of mid-March. The KB article has also strangly disappeared. I suspect a windows update that came through in mid-March caused this fix to no longer work. This is quite frustrating, as I really enjoyed this feature before it stopped working.

  4. elaine says:

    i want the pop up back Save or Open for CSV and XLS files, where is that switch?

  5. David E. Long says:

    I think Microsoft removed this utility because it broke the Excel-specific Paste Special behavior between workbooks.

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