3 great reasons to try Outlook using your Gmail account


Outlook.com lets you manage and automate your inbox on your terms to find the information you’re looking for more quickly.

1. Works better with Office and SkyDrive.

Edit and share the Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents that your friends and people you collaborate with already use, right in your Outlook inbox. What’s even better is with Outlook and Office Web apps, your formatting stays intact. Use SkyDrive to share single files up to 300 MB – or hundreds of smaller ones – in one email.

2. View Facebook and Twitter updates and Tweets from your inbox.

Choose to connect to the social networks you use and see the latest activities – a status update, shared photo or Tweet – from your friends and those you follow.

3. Private by default.

Outlook won’t sell the contents of your email to advertisers.

See here on how to get started in 4 simple steps

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Comments (3)

  1. Rune Jensen says:

    Been done some testing and the major reason to not using outlook.com is the search functionality, which still sucks compared to Gmail.

  2. Rob,

    I came here expecting to see instructions on how to view my GMail email in Outlook. Any idea how to do that?

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