Learn how to change common settings in Windows 7 (video)

Watch this video to learn how to change common settings in Windows 7

New to Windows 7? Even though there’s a lot in common with the version of Windows that you had before, you might still need a hand getting up to speed. This guide is filled with useful info about changing settings in Windows so it works the way you want it to, and info about tools you can use to keep Windows running smoothly.

video of how to change common settings in widows 7

The video covers a wide range of topics including

  • Use Control Panel to change settings
  • Search for Control Panel items from the Start menu
  • Control Panel items that have been renamed
  • Install, view, and manage devices
  • Master your devices with Device Stage
  • Use Action Center to keep your PC running smoothly
  • Find and fix problems on your PC
  • Back up your PC

Also check out our handy printable guide that compliments the video

Printable guide: XPS icon XPS            PDF icon PDF 

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