12 handy tips for Windows 7

If you are new to Windows 7 then  it may be worth checking out our 12 handy tips for Windows 7 including

  1. Surpass basic math with the Calculator that has several dynamic new features— Unit conversion translates Celsius to Fahrenheit, kilometers to miles, meters to feet, grams to ounces, joules to BTUs, and more. You can use the new calculation worksheets to quickly compute everyday stuff like fuel economy and auto lease payments. The Programmer and Statistics modes handle the geekier tasks.
  2. Send information to tech support with Problem Steps Recorder
  3. Move your taskbar : to the sides, top or bottom 
  4. Customise your clocks  Add clocks to your taskbar to keep track of the time in their area. Or add a clock gadget to your desktop. You can even choose from eight different clock designs. Here's how to add and personalize gadgets
  5. Create and share themes, learn how
  6. Drag files from Jump Lists : You can use Jump Lists to open files and programs in just a few clicks. Even better, you can drag items from Jump Lists into open folders or emails.
  7. Pin more things to your taskbar : For easy access to frequent tasks, pin them to the taskbar. And if you’re using Internet Explorer 9, you can even pin your favorite websites.
  8. Preview your files : You can open the preview pane in a window by pressing ALT+P. Items such as photos and PDF files will be previewed in this area when you click them. Learn more about using files and folders, including the preview pane.
  9. Help reduce eye strain with ClearType : ClearType is a tool that improves the readability of the text on your LCD screen. So if you feel the text isn't displaying sharply, use ClearType. The tool will take you through a series of screens, much like an eye exam, to help you achieve the sharpest text possible
  10. Easily customise your Sticky Notes : Learn how
  11. Get to know the new Paint improved in Windows 7 with new brush effects such as watercolor, crayon, and calligraphy
  12. Quickly find anything on your computer with Windows Search

12 handy tips for Windows 7

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