4 new Windows 7 themes from Germany

My German buddy Christian has been working on in launching 4 new great themes on the Windows 7 personalisation gallery, and they have now been released. All 4 themes feature photography from German photographers and where the winners as part of a competition that he ran.  All the images are fantastic and well worth downloading.

1. German Landscapes

A rustic cabin under a rich carpet of stars, a weathered bridge over a country stream, delicate pink tendrils of cloud in a twilight sky, and fields of golden wheat in the afternoon sun: The best of Germany's natural beauty is featured in this free theme for Windows 7. “

german landscapes theme for Windows 7

Download German landscapes themes for Windows 7

2. Germany: Mountains to Sea theme

“The rural beauty of Germany comes through every image shot by photographer Mathias Rehberg. Revel in the shorelines, fields, and mountain refuges he captured in his lens for this free Windows 7 theme”

German mountains to sea theme

Download Germany: Mountains to Sea theme

3. Impressions from Schleswig-Holstein theme

“The moods and seasons of Germany's northernmost state are on glorious display in this free Windows 7 theme by German photographer Mathias Kentrup. Hazy romantic summer skies, golden light on winter branches, and the region's beaches and waterways are captured with hypnotically rich colors and delicate textures. “

Impressions from Schleswig-Holstein theme

Download Impressions from Schleswig-Holstein theme

4. Magic Landscapes theme

“Adorn your desktop with some of the most beautiful landscapes on Earth, as seen through the lens of photographer Michael Breitung. Waterfalls, mountains, fields, and coasts fill this free Windows 7 theme.”

magic landscapes theme

Download Magic Landscapes theme

Thanks Christian

and don’t forget you can submit your own photography for inclusion in the official Windows 7 themes


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