Want to have your image appear in an official Windows 7 themepack or wallpaper?

Windows 7 themes

Then take a look at Windows Gallery: An open call for art and photography, where we are offering you the chance to get your images featured across the Windows Online sites across the world.  (Please note you will retain full rights to your images).

Its pretty simple to do:

First, please review the guidelines to make sure what you're sending is the right size, the right format, and is appropriate for our site.

  • Send us your work in email. Attach one image per email. If you send five pictures, send five emails.

  • Don't zip or compress your art.

  • Include this info in each email:

    • Your name (how you want to be credited)

    • A brief description of your art or photo

    • Your preferred contact email name

    • The address of your website, if you have one

  • Click the Submit button below (this will launch your email program if you have one), or just use this address: winpgal@microsoft.com. By emailing your work to this address, you agree to the Terms of Use.

  • Still have questions? Check out the frequently asked questions.

  • Many thanks to Jennifer for getting this off the ground


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