How to play Microsoft Blackboard (touch pack)

Picture of the fan Picture of clockwise gear Picture of the spring pusher Picture of the round bumper Picture of round spikes Picture of straight spikes Picture of the balloon Picture of the ball Picture of the light bulb

“Blackboard is an intricate game of physics in which you solve a puzzle by creating a fanciful machine on a blackboard. You’ll test your mind as you use gears, fans, seesaws, and other objects to propel the balloons and balls toward the light bulbs and victory.”

Read this help article : Touch Pack: How to play Microsoft Blackboard which covers aspects of the game such as:

  • The goal of the game
  • Starting the game
  • Playing the game
  • Strategies and tips
  • The different type of objects in the game (pieces, fixed objects, Key objects)

To play Blackboard, you must be running the Microsoft Touch Pack for Windows 7, a program for Windows Touch users. For more information, see What's the Microsoft Touch Pack for Windows 7?

Picture of the wall Picture of the seesaw


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