12 ways to speed up your Windows 7 PC

Great article that gives you 12 ways to improve your PCs performance

Optimize Windows 7 for better performance

“…there are lots of ways to help speed up Windows and make your PC work better—even without upgrading your hardware”

  1. Give the Performance troubleshooter a go
  2. Remove programs you don’t use any more
  3. Try using Autoruns to limit the number of programs that run a start-up
  4. Defragment your hard disk
  5. Clean up your hard disk
  6. Close programs you are not using
  7. Turn of some of the visual effects
  8. Restart your pc regularly
  9. Add more memory
  10. Check for virus and spyware 
  11. Check your Windows Experience Index to see what it is capable of
  12. More tips to improve your computers performance

Optimize Windows 7 for better performance


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Comments (2)

  1. Andre Ziegler says:

    the useless tips like you find them all over the Internat. Here is the way for real experts: Run xperf/xbootmgr from the Windows Performance tool ,find the Performance bottleneck and eliminate it 😉

  2. Raj says:

    How about turning off the indexing service?

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