Latest free Windows 7 Themes to download: Beautiful Birds and Echoes of the past

Beautiful Birds theme

“Let the grace and gorgeous plumage of swans, flamingoes, peacocks, and other exotic birds brighten your day with this free theme for Windows 7. “

Download Beautiful Birds theme for Windows 7

Download beautiful birds theme for Windows 7

Echoes of the Past theme

“Time-travel back to the Age of Steam with a treasure-trove of antique images bathed in a golden Victorian light. A free theme for Windows 7.”

download echoes of hte past theme for windows 7

Download Echoes of the Past theme for Windows 7


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Comments (3)

  1. Randal says:

    I love this Echos of the Past theme,. It has beautiful wallpapers and colors.I found some good windows 7 themes here if you want some change to your desktop

  2. ram says:

    niceeeeeeeeeeee themesssssssssss

  3. jagdish tiwari says:

    nice collection.

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