Quick tip : Diagnose DirectX problems

Simply and quickly with the inbuilt to Windows DirectX Diagnostic Tool

Just type dxdiag into the search box and hit enter

DirectX Diagnostic tool

read more about the tool and what to look for in Windows 7 and Windows Vista

Also read up more on DirectX


Comments (3)

  1. Paul Haywood says:


    Just moved from XP Pro to Windows7 Ult.  Downloaded all of the updates , down loaded Direct X 11

    I am now experiencing the dreaded blue screen of death  when playing “Call of duty black ops”

    What’s the problem

  2. Paul Haywood says:

    thanks for the reply. The problem is directx 11 its self. Game locks up and the

    box comes back with directx error. The trouble is how do get rid of directx 11,

    so that you reinstall.


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