Internet Explorer 9 keyboard shortcuts

I hadn’t realised there where so many keyboard shortcuts in IE9 and that page shows you the full list. My top 3 used ones are probably

  1. Scroll between your open tabs Ctrl+Tab or Ctrl+Shift+Tab
  2. Using Ctrl+Plus Sign or Ctrl+Minus Sign to increase or decrease the zoom
  3. Ctrl +F to find some text on the page

However I may start using Ctrl+Enter to add www. and .com to the start and end of the text in the address bar as I didn’t know that feature existed

Internet Explorer 9 keyboard shortcuts

Internet Explorer 8 keyboard shortcuts



Comments (3)

  1. Alan McF says:

    Numbers 1 and 3 also my most common used shortcuts, and number 2 is my most commonly used huh what happened ther the text suddenly changed size didn't-mean-to-use-shortcut. :-,(

  2. robmar says:

    Alan – 🙂

  3. Helge says:

    I just came in here looking around for IE shortcuts. I like to add to the favorites CTRL+T or CTRL+W to open/close a tab. And just found CTRL+K and CTRL+SHIFT+K to copy the tab. This might be very useful for keeping a page open and simultaneously return to a previous page.

    But my absolute favorites are ALT+ARROW LEFT/RIGHT for navigation forward and backward. 🙂

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