Bing Maps aerial imagery theme–get new images automatically

There is a new RSS-fed theme now available - Bing Maps aerial imagery theme - United States

“Get breathtaking views of the United States delivered to your desktop with this free Windows 7 theme that captures the best of Bing Maps aerial photography. Once downloaded, this dynamic theme updates automatically through an RSS feed.

The theme starts off with 14 great images (including these below) – hover over each image to see the location

Great Sand Dunes National Park & Preserve, ColoradoSun Lakes and Cottonwood Country Clubs, Chandler, ArizonaLake Owyhee, OregonBeachfront property, Key Largo, FloridaPlattenville, LouisianaFarm field in Whitman County, Washington State, west of Pullman, WA

One quick note when you download this theme you will see a message like

subscribe to RSS theme

make sure you select the Download Attachments  option

Download the Bing Maps aerial imagery theme - United States


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