IE9 SmartScreen Filter FAQ

SmartScreen Filter is a feature in Internet Explorer which lets you browse with more confidence as it helps protect you against social engineering attacks such as phishing and malware. (watch a video about this feature).

We have a pretty good FAQ about it that covers the following topics

  1. What is SmartScreen Filter and how can it help protect me?
  2. What does it mean when I see a message that says a file isn't "commonly downloaded"?
  3. How do I check a website manually with SmartScreen Filter?
  4. One of the sites I visit is being flagged by SmartScreen Filter, but it's not an unsafe website. What can I do?
  5. How do I report a phishing website?
  6. How do I turn SmartScreen Filter off or on?

Internet Explorer 9 SmartScreen Filter FAQ

Read more about the security and privacy features of IE9 and some tips for protecting your PC from viruses.


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