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Looking for help on Windows live then you may want to check out the Windows Live Help Center

Help for Windows Live

It covers help for all the Windows Live products such as Hotmail, Messenger, Skydrive etc.

As well as issues such as recovering a hacked account, forgotten passwords, installation issues, family safety, photos and blogging etc.


Comments (20)

  1. peter tennant says:

    i'm having technical trouble accessing scrabble on my windows home edition windows 7 p.c.

    i've temporarily accessed a trial on orbit;but thereafter i'm lost

  2. robmar says:

    Hi Peter – do you have any more information abotu exactly what you are doing and which program.


  3. scott says:

    Im using windows xp and for some reason my documents folder only has files up to the letter F.  Eveything else is trunkated or missing.  When I save a document to my documents if its anything greater to letter F its not there?  Help!

  4. robmar says:

    Scott – that is very odd one

    have you made sure all your PC is up to date and has no viruses etc


  5. dan man says:

    can i use <a href="…/">Windows Live Help</a> if im using Windows XP? or does this come with vista and windows 7?

  6. robmar says:

    dan – ye sthere is an xp version


  7. Gary Krestinsky says:

    Hi I lost my edit and copy function   somehow   on windows live e-mail  can you advise how to get it back   thanks.

  8. hilmi m shahed says:

    my email  hilmimurad@hotmail  is blocked , can you guide me how to recover


    can you assist me to add all incoming & all mail to my second email account hilmi222@hotmail.account

    its been 8 days , sent 4 messages but no reply at all



  9. robmar says:

    Hi Hilmi – who have you been sending messages too?

    have you been through the process at


  10. Opie Taylor says:

    Recently l have learned that my hotmail account  has been blocked because someone may of broken into my account, l have since then upgraded my security but would like my e mail reopened since it has been 2 days now and l rely primarlily threw this e mail addy. l dont want to change my password if l dont have to.  l sent an alternative e mail addy to hotmail but have had no what do l do?

  11. robmar says:

    Opie – if your accoutn has been hacked you should really change your password

    assme you have read

  12. Cecile says:

    I would like to know if there is a way to delete a bunch of emails at once in Windows live.


  13. robmar says:

    Cecile – are you sing the mail client or Hotmail via the website


  14. Beverly says:

    I tried to set up my windows live account.  I closed the Microsoft Account in error. Now when I go back in to set the account up again,I get an error,saying my account doesn't exist. When I try to set up the account,I get a message that my gmail account is not available. can you give me directions on how to get it reset up? please help.

  15. robmar says:

    Hi Bev – sorry can you explain exactly what you did, as I ma not clear

  16. tamm says:

    when i connect a modem on my windows 8 pc, a large amount of internet is being use by the live tiles. i want to turn them off permanently..please help asap..

  17. robmar says:

    Hi Tamn – I think you will have to do it on each tile…

    1.Swipe down on or right-click the tile you want to change.

    2.Tap or click Turn live tile on or Turn live tile off to change its setting.


  18. rbeck9448 says:

    my Win7 Windows live email fails to send out my email.

  19. robmar says:

    rbeck9448 – do you have anymore details, any specific error message, what os etc etc

  20. patso mnguni says:

    hi, my hotmail account was hacked how can i recover it

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