Sugarwatch–Free Windows Phone 7 App for Diabetics

My sister is a diabetic and when I heard about this free Windows 7 Phone app from a UK Softie (Jag Dua) it really grabbed my attention.

Sugarwatch provides an easy t use intuitive way to record your blood glucose readings, insulin doses and activities.  It provides warning indicators that show when you go beyond your ideal glucose range.  Sugarwatch provides graphs that show you glucose trends over multiple days to help you identify changes you can make to your regime along with graphs that show averages and glucose mapped against activities. All the graphs you need to help you self manage your condition

Sugarwatch recent activitysugarwatch graphssugarwatch settingsSugarwatch add activity

Jag is very keen to continue development for further releases. Future possibilities include: the app’s integration with Microsoft HealthVault; a companion website that will enable richer statistics; and a built-in service to email information straight to your GP.

The fact that Jag plans to continue its development gives Sugarwatch an advantage over similar apps that are already available but unsupported. Plus of course Sugarwatch is completely free, unlike much of the competition.

The app is out now, so head over to the Marketplace on your phone and search for SugarWatch to give it a try. And when you do, make sure you contact Jag with your feedback! He’s keen to develop the app further and would welcome your ideas.


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  1. Cheryl Moffitt says:

    i have used the app on my windows 7 phone and like it. but it would be better if you could make a compatible download for pc's so we can like information to one or more pc's Desk tops and lap tops. thank you.

  2. Kerry Rasmussen says:

    How can we contact Jag to give suggestions. I love the program, but it sometimes locks up and there is no help available.

  3. robmar says:

    Hi Kerry – if you can email me your contact details  I will pass the onto Jag 🙂


  4. robmar says:

    Hi Kerry – i got this detail from Jag

    "There is a link on the app for support (this is  a requirement for passing the marketplace certification). If Kerry goes to the about section there should be a link.

    The official support email address is"


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